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        • 1700+ home service center

          Under the leadership of the core concept of continuous innovation and refinement, there are more than 1700 service centers in the world plus 7000 technical service personnel.

        • More than 7000 technical service personnel

          Integrating the customer's service behavior from before purchase to during purchase and after operation into a customer-oriented value chain, creating a new value chain service era, and setting up industry benchmarks

        • Industry leader for 5 years - maintain comprehensive service level

          More than 7,000 service engineers, industry senior service experts, more than 10,000 R&D elite headquarters to achieve one-two-three-line collaboration, the world and man-in-one efficient service model

        • 0 distance - achieving communication and service with customers

          Global Customer First Portal GCP System Implements Remote Monitoring of Equipment Operation Detection, Fuel Consumption, Geographical Location and Operation Trajectory



        About Us

        M&R cranes & hoists co.,ltd. has improved the cranes & hoists proficiencies of industry professionals since 2010. We are a Chinese manufacturer that specializes in the design, production, distribution, and servicing of cranes and hoists . In additi...

        Contact:Bob Liu

        Mobile:+86 18921739103 Telephone:86-0523-88900900

        Address:Address: 98 ?South People?Road, ?Jingjiang, Jiangsu, ?Zip 214500,China?
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